NEW Saving Energy at Home Programme 2020

Installation of thermal insulation in building shells

  • Energy efficiency upgrading up to 70%
  • Certified system that meets the energy saving programme requirements
  • Unlimited color selection
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Why choose Vitextherm?

Τailored to the demands of the Greek climate and it is a top choice for quality results and durability of construction.

Optional direct tinting of plaster finishes available via the large network of mechanical facilities in Greece and abroad.
Full range of accessories and special profile capable of supporting different loads.
An infinite number of stable plaster shades, selectable from the VITEX Global Collection color fandeck.
Option to use polyurethane foam as an adhesive for polystyrene panels.
Colored primer to cover the final layer of plaster and conceal the substrate.
ETA certified system. Technical support
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VITEX S.A. received an FPC (Factory Production Control) Certificate of Conformity which applies to the construction products: EXTERNAL THERMAL INSULATION COMPOSITE SYSTEMS (ETICS) WITH RENDERINGS • VITEXTHERM (Expanded Polystyrene) • VITEXTHERM MW (Mineral Wool) This certificate attests that all provisions concerning the assessment and verification of constancy of performance described in ETA 15/0148, ETA 19/0180 and EAD 040083-00-0404 are applied and that the factory production control is assessed to be in conformity with the applicable requirements. VITEXTHERM systems are accompanied by a full range of products covering all construction particularities and ensuring the excellent technical result of the application. Granikot Fire Resistant is certified as non-combustible plaster, with the classification A2-s1, d0 to fire reaction. In conclusion, the application of VitexTherm ETICS ensures that the materials have been tested and that the final result will remain unchanged through time for at least 25 years.

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The topcoat can be coloured in an infinite range of colors using the VITEX Color Tinting System to give the surface facade the desired vibrancy and aesthetic result.