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Our ultra-modern Vitex paint manufacturing unit in Aspropyrgos, also houses the entire commercial operations of the VitexTherm external thermal insulation system.

The VitexTherm certified external thermal insulation system was created with the knowledge and expertise of our people and was designed to meet the needs of the market itself for quality external thermal insulation systems. It is one arm of the overall business activity of the Vitex-Hermes Group and constitutes an effective response to the needs of consumers and professionals for a modern, economical, and easy-to-install insulation system.

 The expertise we provide through this fully-integrated external thermal insulation solution can contribute significantly to the renovation and energy upgrade of your building, our object being to secure maximum energy savings, unsurpassed durability via a safe and economical system tailor-made to meet your needs. Forget about the way you’ve been living up till now and find out from our experts how to improve your quality of life all year round, no matter what the season!

Protect and renovate your home with the VitexTherm external thermal insulation system, secure your initial investment, and properly shield your property. Quality construction, long life, satisfaction and perfect heat insulation!

A new solution in thermal insulation

The Vitex external thermal insulation system you’ve been waiting for is here, and we’ve named it VitexTherm. The VITEX SA – HERMES company has created the VITEXTHERM external thermal insulation system for application in old and new building structures. VitexTherm is a modern external thermal insulation system, adapted to meet the needs of the final consumer. It is a top choice for quality results and durability of construction, and is designed to the very latest specifications and certification standards.


The fully installed external thermal insulation system is able to contribute substantially to:

  • Energy savings
  • Overall upgrading of buildings
  • Shielding and high-level aesthetics
  • Zero maintenance requirement
  • Durability over time

System certification

VITEX S.A. received an FPC (Factory Production Control) Certificate of Conformity which applies to the construction products:
• VITEXTHERM (Expanded Polystyrene)
• VITEXTHERM MW (Mineral Wool)
This certificate attests that all provisions concerning the assessment and verification of constancy of performance described in ETA 15/0148, ETA 19/0180 and EAD 040083-00-0404
are applied and that the factory production control is assessed to be in conformity with the applicable requirements.
VITEXTHERM systems are accompanied by a full range of products covering all construction particularities and ensuring the excellent technical result of the application.
Granikot Fire Resistant is certified as non-combustible plaster, with the classification A2-s1, d0 to fire reaction.
In conclusion, the application of VitexTherm ETICS ensures that the materials have been tested and that the final result will remain unchanged through time for at least 25 years.

Technical expertise

The VitexTherm external thermal insulation system is comprised of a variety of construction materials, insulating material, bonding and reinforced mortars, and a complete range of accessories and surface finishes. Our expert staff are completely familiar with the technical specifications and the particularities of all of the component products forming part of the installation so that they are able to provide you with solutions to meet any specific installation requirements you may have. We have a strong commercial network both within Greece and abroad, and are accordingly able to provide the necessary technical and commercial support, as well as the close cooperation required to meet the multiple needs of our customers. We offer technical support at every stage, from preliminary designs to construction and execution of the project.

VitexTherm Certificates

Partner certifications

We have taken great care, through our series of seminars, to train and certify a number of highly trained staff and technicians nationwide, in order to be able to guarantee the integrity of each project, and therefore of your property. The crews of technicians that participate in the specialized VitexTherm seminars are awarded attendance certificates, and crews whose work has been inspected are then awarded accredited technical installation crew certification. 

Get in touch with us to find out more about Certified VitexTherm Installation Teams.

10 year guarantee

The external thermal insulation system VΙΤΕΧΤΗΕRΜ offers a 10-year warranty on the materials and installation of the system in case it is applied by a certified partner and the application is checked by the technical department of the company *.

Some of our projects


Hotel in Peloponissos


Hotel in Zakynthos island


Thermal insulation of public sector building

Vitex Therm


Hotel in Chania Crete


Thermal insulation of Public School


Thermal Insulation of Public Kindergarden

Insulation of ground-level apartment building pilotis area

The VitexTherm external thermal insulation system is an ideal solution for uninsulated apartment building ground-floor ‘pilotis’ areas. The system can be installed externally with minimal disturbance during installation and it offers:

  • Reduction of energy consumption for heating and cooling purposes
  • Elimination of thermal bridges
  • Exceptional resistance to algae and mold
  • Excellent end result

Bitumen Sheet & Apartment Building Roof Insulation

HERMES – VITEX SA plays a leading role in the waterproofing and sealing of building spaces with the manufacture of certified bituminous membranes, joint sealants, asphalt emulsions and resins for complete surface protection and sealing. We provide solutions for all types of rooftop waterproofing which in conjunction with the VitexTherm external thermal insulation system, ensures a complete insulation and protection solution for your structure.

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